Club Rules

Formed on the 1st of January 1984.

1. The club shall be called the Thames Velo.

2. Club colours are as agreed or changed by a 2/3 majority vote at the AGM.

3. The club shall hold an AGM in October or in time for race date fixing for the following season. An agenda will be circulated to all club members prior to the meeting.

4. A committee shall be elected at the AGM and those elected to officiate shall make decisions on behalf of the club based on the wishes of the club members.

5. The committee shall consist of members holding positions of office as is deemed appropriate at the AGM. As a minimum, these will be: a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Racing Secretary. Officers of the club or any member working on club business shall be able to claim reasonable expenses incurred in the course of club business on presentation of the receipts and committee approval. If the claimant is a signatory he/she should not sign cheques to themselves.

6. Any important decision that may affect the club as a whole shall not be made by the committee alone but shall be put to the vote of the whole club.

7. The committee shall meet as and when required and will forward a report of any meetings to all club members. Any member may attend a committee meeting and enter the discussion of any point raised. Non-committee members will not be allowed to vote at such meetings but have the power of veto over any decision taken and may demand a full membership vote if it is felt that the committee does not reflect the views of the majority of club members.

8. Members wishing to have any point discussed or reviewed by the committee shall make a written request for the item to be included at the next meeting. In turn, the committee must supply a written reply outlining the discussion and any decision taken.

9. If any members feel that a committee decision does not reflect the wishes of the majority of club members, then they have the right to call an extraordinary general meeting which must be held within 28 days of the committee meeting at which the decision was made. The point in question will then be put to the whole membership and a vote taken.

10. Only first claim members have voting rights. A 2/3 majority vote shall be required to introduce, change, amend or delete any Thames Velo club rules.

11. Membership.

a. Any person applying for membership of the Thames Velo must read and agree in writing to the secretary to abide by all the club rules.

b. A written application for the appropriate grade of membership must be made to the committee.

c. The club shall be informed of the name of new applicants and any existing member may speak for or against the application at the appropriate committee meeting or send their view in writing.

d. All membership shall be due for review and renewal on a yearly basis.

e. New membership or renewal may be refused, after proper enquiry, if:

i. The applicant’s reasons for wishing to become a member of the Thames Velo are inappropriate.

ii. The person is deemed to have acted against the best interest of the club or its members.

iii. The person has refused to help with club promotions.

iv. The person has knowingly broken club rules, or the rules of a body or organisation to which the club is affiliated.

f. All members must pay club subscriptions annually, these being due on 1st January or on the date of acceptance in the first year.

Membership will be classified as follows:

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Family
  • Couple
  • Second Claim

g. The amount charged for each subscription will be decided at the AGM and will be scaled as it is though appropriate at the time, in relation to the senior membership amount.

12. Race Entries.

a. The club shall make every effort to co-ordinate members race entries in order to ensure that a team is entered wherever possible.

b. Each season certain events will be identified by the members as events where the club might wish to enter a team. That team will be selected and entered as a club team entry by the Racing Secretary.

c. Members who refuse to co-operate with Racing Secretary without good reason shall be deemed to be acting against the best interests of the club.

d. Any club member who does not start an event that they have entered should apologize to the organiser for not starting.

13. Thames Velo club events will not offer money as prizes, but where money is available it should be used to purchase club medals, plaques or trophies to be awarded as prizes.

14. Thames Velo open events shall have a full compliment of officials, marshals and helpers as required by the organiser before any entries shall be accepted from club members.

15. Awards.

Club awards for individual races or season long competitions shall be made if the appropriate trophies or prizes are available. These awards shall always reflect the true spirit of competition and will be made as much for improvement or a particularly good performance as for actually winning or being fastest. Whatever the range of these awards the club must offer a reasonable number for performances by the young, improving or up and coming riders.

16. Clothing.

Thames Velo club clothing shall never be sold to any person who is not a current member of the club.

17. Sponsorship.

Kit provided in full by any future sponsor will remain the property of the club. Members will be required to return all sponsored kit if and when they should leave the club for any reason.

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